Fundraising platform

WaterStarters is a web application designed for raising funds for building drinking water hub across Africa. It gives detailed information about different projects and way to accept donations directly from the public through different campaigns.​


One of our clients, a major manufacturer of various plumbing supplies, was collaborating with an International NGO on a project to make drinking water more accessible to people in African nations. The idea was that the project will be jointly funded by our client and the NGO, and any additional monetary resources needed would be crowdfunded.

To ensure continued support from the public and a steady flow of funding from the public, it was important to showcase the work done and the effect it had on the people living in these countries. Therefore, platforms such as GoFundMe were not enough. A dedicated website, showing the accomplishments of the project and the continued impact it had on the general populace was needed.

What our client wanted

  • A website to raise funds for providing drinking water facilities in underdeveloped countries.
  • The website must have provisions for the admin to add projects and create new campaigns for fundraising.
  • The website must show the locations where the project is being carried out.
  • There must be a payment portal for the public to donate funds.

Technology Stack

We have developed a website with the above features using the frameworks python, PostgreSQL, HTML53, Jquery, Wordpress.

  • python_image
  • django_imageDjango