Smart Garden

Irrigating your garden on a regular schedule is critical for keeping your plants healthy. Due to several reasons, it can be difficult to do this regularly and efficiently. Considering the soil moisture, atmospheric temperature, humidity and other weather conditions the amount of water that the plants require will vary. Monitoring this manually can be hard, time-consuming and may disturb your other priority tasks as well.

Irrigating your garden

A smart garden is a perfect solution to irrigate your garden regularly and efficiently without human intervention. With the integration of multiple sensors, the smart controller analyses various parameters and automatically waters your garden only whenever required. Several studies have shown that up to 50% of water can be saved with the implementation of smart gardening technology. The data collected using the sensors can be monitored in real-time and this data is used to modify the irrigation settings for better efficiency. The best part is that you can have complete control over your smart garden from any location using a mobile application or a web application.

Being one of the best smart irrigation solutions providers in India, we can provide you with bespoke smart solutions to transform your outdated and less efficient old-school garden irrigation system into a modern smart garden. This is achieved by integrating our smart devices with your garden. A robustly built mobile application provides you with the freedom to monitor and control your smart garden from any part of the world. A web browser-based application is also available for increased flexibility.

Smart Pool

Maintaining the pool water chemistry and temperature have paramount importance for the safety of the users as well as for protecting the pool equipment from damage. Monitoring the chlorine levels and pH value regularly and keeping them at the right range manually can be risky if done wrong. Similarly monitoring and operating other vital equipment such as pool pumps, heat pumps and lights in the right way is also crucial for a comfortable and safe swimming experience without paying huge utility bills.

Smart Pool

Due to ever-increasing competition, the price of smart pool equipment has come down rapidly. If you are planning to upgrade your traditional pool to a smart pool or thinking about building your new smart swimming pool, this is the right time, go for it. Because of the internet ubiquity and the global telecom revolution, internet connectivity is not a problem anymore. Build your smart pool and enjoy the flexibility of monitoring the status of all the vital equipment of your pool at your fingertip using your smart mobile device.

It is critical to use the best quality products because a small error could become a major concern. We offer a comprehensive range of superior quality products to get your smart pool ready. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of IoT and smart technologies, we can get your fool-proof smart pool ready in a way better than anyone else. Using our solution, you can monitor the status of ORP sensors, pH sensors, temperature sensors, salt chlorinator, VS pool pump, heat pump, etc. with a touch of a button irrespective of where you are.

If something in your smart pool needs attention then, of course, you will get a notification on your device.

Happy Swimming!

NorsupOne (smart pool)
NorsupOne (smart pool)

NorsupOne is a mobile app for the Norsup Plug & Playbox available on android & IOS on smartphone and tablet. There also is a webapp version available for installers to overview all customers.

Smart Water Meter

According to UNICEF, almost two-thirds of the world’s population is experiencing severe water scarcity. We need water for our needs, and most of us are taking the required care to make sure there is no water wastage. How can we be so sure that there isn’t any water wastage? Traditional water meters will give you the reading of the total volume of water consumed. What if you want to track the consumption of water at a particular period? If there is an unnoticed water wastage, how can we have a clue about what is happening? More the water meter reading, more the bill. So how can we tackle this problem?

Smart Water Meter

Since we are in the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, we can see smart products everywhere. The case isn’t any different for water meters. Smart water meters can not only provide an accurate reading about the total volume of water consumed but also provide data about various parameters connected to it. This data can be monitored in real-time and the history of the water consumption trends can be analysed using your smart mobile device. With the help of this analysis, further steps can be taken to bring down the water wastage and utility bills.

Our Smart Water Meter that comes with an application facilitates you with the remote monitoring capability of water consumption on a time scale, water bills, alerts for overconsumption and leak detection, water temperature and advanced data analytics. On top of that, a lot of savings.

Chat Connect

Are you struggling to manage innumerable messages you receive on your Website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line, SMS, Emails or any other messenger system? Ever thought of having the flexibility of handling all the messages you get from multiple platforms using a single interface without missing a single message?

Chat Connect is a web-based app that will be a perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a unified messaging system that will support almost all the messaging platforms out there. It can be messages from your website’s chat box, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line, SMS, Emails or any other messenger system, you name it. The reports section provides you with a detailed performance overview which will provide insights into the further steps for improvement. For better productivity, Chat Connect is equipped with several powerful features such as automation, labels, canned responses, integration with Webhooks, and Dialogflow. Escalate your business value by integrating this perfect solution for chat support.

Quick response to an inbound chat can sometimes bring in a great business deal or it can be one of the many reasons that your existing customer recommends you to others. The benefits of single-window chat management solutions are numerous.

One Board

Are you looking for ready to use IoT web application for monitoring and communicating with all the devices, users and other actors in your IoT ecosystem? Do not get disappointed if you are within time and budget constraints, that pulls you back from building a custom application for monitoring your IoT eco-system.

We always make sure that we have the right products for everyone who does not want to compromise on the quality.

One Board

One board is a ready-to-use yet powerful web application that can be used to collect data and communicate with all the assets in your IoT ecosystem. One Board is equipped with the following features:

  • Add multiple IoT devices
  • Add multiple users
  • Monitor the data in real-time
  • Track the history of all the data
  • High-end data encryption
  • Hassle-free access to remote monitoring

General Info / Introduction

OneBoard is a web application which has been developed to add multiple IoT devices and Users and show the status of the added devices. The Account admins can easily add multiple devices and access its status using this application

One Support

It can be challenging sometimes to keep on track of the progress and status of all the tasks when you have many projects, support tickets and multiple teams that operate from several geographical locations. On top of that if you are inclined towards setting up an interactive database such as forums, blogs, Q&As, etc. for the benefit of the company as well as for the customers, then the prime efficacy of the enterprise can be damaged if things get off-track. How can this mess be transformed into a productive arrangement?

One Support

An Enterprise Resource Planning system which is popularly known as an ERP system can be the solution for this. As it is a powerful data hub that will allow the enterprise to collect, store and analyse the data of all the operations in one centralised hub. This transparent visibility provides the visibility to plan, execute and manage all the activities in the ecosystem more strategically. Building an entire ERP system from the scratch can be time-consuming and expensive.

One support is a perfect solution we offer as it is a ready-to-use ERP system that can be configured according to the workflow of your enterprise. You can monitor the progress and status of all the tasks such as multiple projects, support tickets, etc. easily using One Support as it features an intuitive user interface. On top of that if it supports the addition of interactive databases such as forums, blogs, Q&As, etc. for the benefit of the company as well as for the customers.

General Info / Introduction

It an ERP application developed to handle the tickets and projects.